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Lite dApp


Lite dApp is smart contracts built in the same way as before.

There is no difference between Lite dApp and dApps running on the EVM blockchain. Artela has an EVM execution layer for smart contracts. Building Lite dApps on Artela Network is the same way as building smart contracts dApps on Ethereum.

Aspect, as a modular extension module, is optimal for dApp building. Developers can build smart contracts just as before without extensions.

The principle of Lite dApp:


Use Case

  1. Smart Contracts PaaS

    Artela Network integrates smart contract tools as built-in options to make smart contract development as easy as possible. Artela provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) to help developers build smart contracts.


  1. Smart Contracts with elastic block space need

    For DeFi smart contracts with a demand for high scalability, elastic block space can be leveraged to enable limitless scalability.