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🔍 Overview

Artela is an extensible blockchain network enabling developers to build feature-rich dApps. Developers can build smart contract in EVM and add WASM native extension at blockchain runtime called Aspect. Artela is fully EVM compatible and built with Cosmos SDK. You can seamlessly deploy your EVM dApps on Artela without any issue. And at the mean time, you can also leverage your dApp with Aspect programming to make it even more powerful.

🧑‍🏫 Learn Concepts​

Foundational Concepts

Basic concepts that developers need to know when built on Artela.


Learn some new features that Artela brings to the table.

💻 Learn Through Coding​

Develop a Smart Contract

Learn how to build a hello world smart contract!

Develop an Aspect

Learn how to build a reentrancy guard with Aspect!

🤿 Deep Dive​

Join Test Net

Join our test net and start building your own dApp!

Join our TestNet

Spin up your own node and join our test net!