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Build on Artela


Artela is a fully EVM-compatible blockchain, allowing you to seamlessly migrate your dApps from other EVM-compatible chains. You can also write smart contracts in Solidity, Vyper, and other EVM-enabled languages without any issues.

Please note that the currently supported Solidity version is <= 0.8.21.

For more details, refer to

Beyond EVM​

Artela blockchain defines a new programmable module to work as native extension, called Aspect. Aspect integrates customized functionality throughout the transaction lifecycle, working synergistically with smart contracts to enhance dApp functionality.


You can maintain the core logic within EVM smart contracts, and implement custom features in Aspects using the gas-efficient and computational powerful WASM runtime, all in a plug-and-play manner.

The initial version of Artela Aspect is built with Assembly Script(a sub set of TypeScript, strictly typed).

For more details, refer to: