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Delegator Guide

This document contains all the necessary information for delegators to interact with the Artela Network through the Command-Line Interface (CLI).

1.Generate new delegator account​

artelad keys add <account_name>

2.Delegate to a validator​

artelad tx staking delegate <validator_operator> <amount> \
--chain-id=<chain_id> \

3.Check the delegate tx status​

artelad query tx <tx_hash>

4.Check validator staking balance​

artelad query staking validator <validator_operator>

5.Query self current delegate status​

artelad query staking delegations <delegator_addr>

6.Query self all rewards​

artelad query distribution rewards <delegator_address> <validator_address>

7.Query target delegator rewards​

artelad query distribution rewards <delegator_address>

8.Increase delegator amount​

artelad tx staking delegate <validator_operator> <amount> \
--chain-id=<chain_id> \

9.Claim rewards​

artelad tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards \
--chain-id=<chain_id> \

10.Redelegate to other validator​

artelad tx staking redelegate <srcValidatorAddress> <destValidatorAddress> <amountToRedelegate> 
--from <delegatorKeyName>

11.Undelegate from validator​

artelad tx staking unbond <validatorAddress> <amountToUnbond> --from <delegatorKeyName>