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Aspect Tool

Aspect Tool is a development tool built in AssemblyScript, designed to assist developers in seamlessly managing Aspect development. The tool offers functionality to create Aspect development scaffolding and seamlessly integrates with the Artela Blockchain. Developers can leverage Aspect Tool for tasks such as compiling, testing, and deploying smart contracts and WebAssembly, enhancing efficiency in blockchain development. This tool published in the npm repository.


  1. Node.js version 18.0 or above (which can be checked by running node -v). You can use nvm for managing multiple Node versions on a single machine installed. When installing Node.js, you are recommended to check all checkboxes related to dependencies.
  • Confirm that Node.js has been installed correctly by running
node --version
  1. Assemblyscript is a programming language built on the foundation of TypeScript, designed specifically for WebAssembly (Wasm).

  2. sloc Installing the Solidity Compiler.


npm install @artela/aspect-tool


This tool contains two commands:

  1. Init a aspect project in a directory.
aspect - tool
init [-d < value >]
- d, --dir = <value> [default: The current folder directory]
  1. Generate state tracing code for Aspect.
aspect - tool
generate [-i < value >] [-o < value >]
- i, -- in = <value>
-o, --out=

Tool Guide



The Version in the subgraph manifest specifies release notes.

VersionRelease notes
0.0.57Add unbind、operation、get bound aspect、get bound accounts Commands.
0.0.56The first beta is available.